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Students helping parents help their babies

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HLHS students at ECAP meeting

Health Leadership High School students presented their multimedia solutions about how our community can serve tomorrow’s readers at a recent Early Childhood Accountability Partnership meeting.

Health Leadership High School focuses on project-based learning, and students begin each Trimester with a driving question. For this Spanish-credit class, students explored the driving question: “How can our community serve tomorrow’s readers?”

Beginning with an exploration of child development and key milestones during the early years, they worked to come up with ways that adults engage with children using the six elements of the Making Moments Matter campaign: read with me, talk with me, smile with me, snuggle with me, smile with me, and play with me.

Students came up with a variety of activities including:

Activities on the Fly, a set of activities that families can use to entertain their children. A packet of activities could be made available at restaurants, community centers, and various types of waiting rooms where babies and toddlers might need to be entertained. “These are options that parents can choose before “handing over the cell phone,” one student explains.  Developed in both English and Spanish, The activities promote literacy and family bonding during everyday moments when learning opportunities may otherwise be missed.

Other ideas include the creation of a set of recipes for reading success, a list of activities that parents can do at home, and a developmental chart that identifies physical, cognitive, language, and social emotional milestones.

Because almost everyone has a phone, another group of students chose to target young parents using Instagram. Follow them at /makingmomentsmatter2018 . A video is under development.