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Rotarians Celebrate Successful Pilot Project

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Area Rotarians celebrated the impact that they made on about 1,200, 9-12 grade students in 55 classrooms at Freedom, La Cueva, Del Norte, Manzano, and Highland High Schools, where they taught the Stay in School curriculum.

This 40-minute interactive curriculum teaches students about the financial benefits of graduating from high school. 

One of the key learnings expressed by students is that “more education = more income.”

When asked what students learned, the most common answers they gave were:

  • It’s important to stay in school.
  • The cost of living and the kind of a budget needed to live.
  • Every day that I stay in school pays me money.
  • Dropping out has consequences.

Almost 80 percent of teachers agreed that students learned something new, and added that they thought that this helped students “understand the value of graduating from high school,” and that “a degree can affect student’s standard of living.”

Based on the successful feedback, the program is looking to expand and seek out more volunteers. For more information on this project contact Teri Wimborne

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