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Graduate! ABQ ready to help when you’re ready to go back to school

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Dan at Workforce Connection

When we started Graduate! ABQ we didn’t know who would show up. We know there are 227,000 adults in central New Mexico without a postsecondary degree, and that 60 percent of jobs will require some postsecondary education by 2020. The question was, who are those people? Do they want our help? Three months later we know that people from every walk of life want to learn and grow, and many just need a caring person to help them figure it out.

At Graduate! ABQ it all starts and ends with the individual. When someone walks into our office, we can’t begin to help them reach their goals until we hear their story. I’ve heard clients tell me about their challenges with college in the past, about their dream jobs, and about their battles with health, family, and self-doubt. What’s important to me is knowing what’s important to the person I’m helping, because they are the one who has to put in the extra work studying for a test, or head back to school after putting their kid to bed at night.

No two meetings are ever the same, but almost everyone needs help figuring out how to pay for school. Most people don’t realize how many resources there are to pay for school if you just know where to look. Paying for school is never easy, but we know all the tricks and you’d be surprised how many people can find free money for most (or even all!) of their education.

The other day I met with a young woman, let’s call her Alicia, who was working at Walmart and wanted to get her degree in psychology, but didn’t know how to pay for it. We explored all her options and even did a budget to compare going to school full time versus part time, but it was going to be tough either way. It all clicked when we found a school that she was excited about and was more affordable. Together we were able to make a plan that lets Alicia pay for life, pay for school, and get a degree that will help her get better jobs for the rest of her life. I know there are lots of people like Alicia who can do the work to get ahead, but just need a little help getting started. At Graduate! ABQ we feel privileged every day to meet motivated people in our community and help them make a plan to better themselves through the power of education.

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