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All Partner Meeting -- A Strategic Dialogue: Building a Two-Year Plan to Reach the Goal

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All Partner

Mission: Graduate will hold its semi-Annual All Partner meeting on Friday, July 20 from 8:15 a.m. to noon at Fidelity Investments located at 5401 Watson Dr. SE, Mesa del Sol. Sign in and networking begins at 8 a.m. Snacks will be provided.

Progress toward Mission: Graduate’s goal to increase the number of graduates with degrees and certificates by 2020 will be announced. Participants can provide input on developing scaling strategies to support three populations -- working-age adults, students who have dropped out of school, and off-track high school students.

Featured speakers Monika Kincheloe and Liz Glaser from America’s Promise Alliance will deliver a presentation on high school graduation and beyond from a national perspective and will facilitate a discussion on the topic.

Partners and those interested in learning about our work are invited, but must register by Tuesday, July 17. Please note: for security reasons, those who do not register will not be able to attend.

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Sign in, Informal Networking, Snacks

Welcome and Introductions  

Mission: Graduate Progress Report

Featured Speakers

Transition to Breakout Sessions

Strategic Dialogue (Each Participant Chooses Only One Track)
Track 1: Off-Track and Disengaged High School Students
Track 2: Working-Age Adults

Format for each track:
Leadership Panel
Small Group Conversations
Priority Setting

Closing Plenary: Report Out from Each Track

Reflections and Call to Action