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LaunchMeABQ is a free app that supports students' career development.

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How it works:

Teens have the opportunity to showcase their talent, learn about careers, and build their skills while using their mobile devices. 

They can earn "Experience" and "Quest" Badges. Experience Badges guide students to the realization that skills they already possess are transferable to the workplace. Quest Badges direct students through three-tiered activity levels in four “soft skills” competency areas: Professionalism, Initiative, Communications, and Financial Wellness.

By completing the activities within each Quest Badge, young people gain skills and knowledge specific to each category.

How to use the app: 

  • Create a profile 
  • Earn Experience Badges by building a portfolio of activities
  • Earn Quest Badges by building soft skills in the areas of Communication, Professionalism, Initiative, and Financial Literacy
  • Share your profile’s unique URL to instructor to allow them to give feedback and assess work
  • Save to home screen for easy smartphone access
  • Complement your resume by including your LaunchMeABQ unique url

Showcase Your Talents - Learn About Careers - Build Your Skills