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Share Your Love of Reading with Local Youth

Do you enjoy working with youth and reading and discussing literature?
Volunteer spend 45 minutes a few times each quarter in a book club-style literature circle with a handful of 10th or 11th graders. All you have to do is complete the reading for the week and come with questions and insights about the novel. By doing this, you model a love of reading, critical thinking, and discussion skills.
“The beauty of the Lit Circle program is that we can come together to share insights, discuss ideas, ideals, and have fun. I look at these kids differently than I did when I first walked in the classroom. I see their depth, passion, and enthusiasm and I also see their youth, innocence and (sometimes) folly. Hopefully, when they see me they see that there is more to being an adult than wearing a suit and going to work five days a week. Hopefully.”
—George Weir, volunteer ‘06-’13

More Details
Number of Volunteers Needed: 
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Who Will be Impacted through this Project: 

Amy Biehl High School students: 65-70% minority, over 50% free-and-reduced lunch, anywhere between 40-75% will be first-generation college students (varies depending on the year), from 25 different zip codes across the city.

Additional Requirements: 

Background check, completed through the school, is required of all volunteers who work with students.

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Are Court-Ordered Volunteers Accepted?: 
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123 4th St. SW
New Mexico
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(505) 250-6396